Thursday, 25 September 2014

Railways to Launch Massive Cleanliness Campaign throughout the Country on 2nd October 2014 under “Swachh Bharat Mission”

Railway Board Members along with about 250 Officers Nominated to Visit Various Stations in the Country on Gandhi Jayanti Diwas

Railway Minister urges Union Ministers and Members of Parliament to Participate in this Campaign at any of the Stations in their Respective Constituencies


As part of the “Swachh Bharat Mission”  announced by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi , Indian Railways will be launching a massive special cleanliness campaign on 2nd October, Gandhi Jayanti Diwas involving ‘Shramdaan’ and awareness activities throughout the country. Speaking to media here today (25.09.2014), the Minister of Railways Shri D.V.Sadananda Gowda said that entire fraternity of more than 13lakh Railwaymen/women including officers and staff will be involved in this campaign, either in the‘Shramdaan’ relating to cleanliness activity or in spreading awareness on cleanliness. He said that directions have already been issued to all Zonal Railways, Public Sector Undertakings and Production Units to request all officers and staff (except running staff and other essential category staff)  to participate in the ‘Shramdaan’ relating to cleanliness activity or in spreading awareness on cleanliness. The detailed action plan and programmes have already been prepared by Zonal Railways covering stations, trains, track, workshops, colonies, etc. and involving as many railwaymen as possible in the campaign. Zonal Railways have nominated an officer for each station who will have necessary administrative and supervisory powers and also conduct  inspection of the assigned area 15 days in advance and assess the requirements for carrying of the cleanliness campaign.  Railway Board members along with about 250 officers have been nominated to visit several stations over Zonal Railways to participate in the drive, he said’
The Railway Minister said that he has also requested Union Ministers and Members of Parliament to participate and lead the campaign at any of the stations of their choice within their constituency. He said that  the ‘Shramdaan’ will be organized at all stations, trains, track, offices, workshops, colonies,etc., and shall involve all railway men at every level. The services of non-railway organizations like NGOs, NSS, NCC, school/college students, scouts and guides etc. shall also be taken for this campaign. Public awareness through regular announcements, Posters, Electronic display boards, banners, stickers CCTVs at stations, Pamphlets etc. Electronic media and newspaper advertisements shall also be used.  The drives will include action against persons making premises dirty under rules prohibiting littering at railway premises. Messages in this regard will be given through CCTVs and PA Systems and the campaign should show positive and visible effect on cleanliness over Indian Railways.
Shri Gowda informed  that under the Sustainable Action proposed to be taken from 2nd October, 2014 upto 2019, there will be regular events on cleanliness to be organized in the next five years. The first focus should be clean and hygienic toilets and in particular those located at railway stations. Under this mission it shall be ensured that stations, tracks, colonies and offices are maintained in a clean and hygienic conditions .The campaign which includes tree plantation, removal of encroachments, maintaining clean toilets, painting of road kerbs, clearing posters, repairing street lights, improving drainage, improving signage, whitewashing of buildings etc. shall be continued. There will be sustained ‘Public Awareness Campaign’ to promote “Swachh Bharat” Mission.  More and more mechanized cleaning gadgets are being introduced and better types of cleaning agent are being used to achieve improved standard of cleanliness.  Contracts are given for supply of machines like scrubbers, high pressure jet cleaners, mops, etc.  Periodic contracts for rag picking and garbage disposal are awarded.  More and more toilets are brought under the purview of ‘Pay & Use’ toilets, including deluxe toiletsRegular inspections will be ensured  conducted at various levels viz. General Managers, Divisional  Railway Managers, Service Improvement Groups) and at other Officers level to check the standard of cleanliness.  During these inspections, deficiencies are noticed in various areas such as drainage, availability of dustbin, sewerage, water supply, washable apron and garbage disposal.  Steps are taken to wipe out the deficiencies so noticed.  Instructions have been issued for monitoring cleanliness through CCTV cameras installed at major stations. 50 major stations have been selected for out-sourcing cleanliness to professional housekeeping/Facility Management Agencies. All newly manufactured coaches by the coach Production Units shall be compulsorily fitted with Bio-toilets before they are turned  out by 2016-17 and all existing in-service coaches running on Indian Railways shall be retrofitted with Bio-toilets by 2021-22. Already a total number of 13238 Bio-Toilets (cumulative) have been fitted and running on 4882 coaches.   An award to recognize the best efforts made by the zonal railways at stations towards the cause of cleanliness shall be introduced.  Such an award shall be called “Swachh Station” award and shall be given in each category of stations, the Railway Minister added.


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Unknown said...

I am writing from Kerala.I am a medical doctor and very enthusiastic about the cleanliness drive.
I was travelling from Trivandrum to Kottayam by train on 12th October.I and my son & daughter bought Amul chocomilk and after drinking the contents, were searching for a place where the cans could be disposed of in the moving train-there was nothing! Finally, I spotted an empty basket (which had held "wadas" being sold by the train pantry-car staff). So I put these cans there in the hope that together with the waste paper that the basket had, these cans would also be disposed of at a proper destination--at the next stop-perhaps? But just as the train approached a river, the staff just chucked out all the contents out of the door-much to my dismay. Please arrange for waste collection in the train while it is running,or else our countryside will remain strewn with left-overs thrown from trains.

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