Tuesday, 29 May 2018

EVM/VVPAT replacement during the Bye elections today in various States

The polling for the Bye-elections to four Parliamentary Constituencies and ten State Legislative Assemblies in various States was concluded peacefully today, without any serious untoward incident. During the polling process, some reports of non-functioning of EVMs and VVPATs were received from different polling booths, which were replaced with fully functional EVMs/VVPATs from the reserve stock, which is kept specifically for the purpose of such replacement on poll day. However, it is pertinent to note that these Reserve EVMs/VVPATs are subjected to the same rigorous testing and checks as are done on the EVMs/VVPATs actually deployed at the polling booths. The replacement of defective EVMs/VVPATs during actual polls is a normal process and does not vitiate the integrity or credibility of the poll process in any way whatsoever.

As per the present data compiled from the field reports, the replacement of EVMs and VVPATs during the polls in the various States is as per the Table annexed.

The Commission undertakes a comprehensive scrutiny of the reports and inputs received from the Returning Officers, General Observers, CEO of the State, as well as feedback from the candidates and other stakeholders and arrives at a considered decision regarding re-polls, if required on a case to case basis. The Scrutiny of important election documents is scheduled in all the Constituencies for tomorrow.

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Courtesy: pib.nic.in

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