Friday, 4 August 2017

NHAI invites private participation for developing amenities along national highways

Persons with more than 1 hectare land along NH can participate

Shri Gadkari unveils logos of NHAI’s wayside amenities:

Highways Village and Highways Nest
The National Highways Authority of India has started the process of developing wayside amenities at land acquired at 183 locations along national highways.  The amenities will provide rest and refreshment for highway commuters during their journey.  There would be parking for cars, buses and trucks, restaurant/food court, dhaba, fuel station, minor repair shop, rest rooms for passengers, dormitories for drivers, kiosks for sale of miscellaneous sundry items etc at these sites. The facilities having an area more than 5 acres will be developed under the brand name “HIGHWAY VILLAGE” and facilities on smaller area less than 5 Acres will  be developed with brand name “ HIGHWAY NEST”
The Minister of Road Transport & Highways Shri Nitin Gadkari unveiled the logo for “HIGHWAY VILLAGE” and “ HIGHWAY NEST”in New Delhi today. Speaking on the occasion he informed that the ministry plans to develop a network of  amenities at every 50 km distance on the national highways. So more than 1000 such amenities would need to be developed across the country.
Shri Gadkari further informed that out of the 183 sites available with NHAI, bids have already been invited for 34 sites. The  due date of receipt of bids for these  sites is 21.08.2017 and 27.09.2017. He said  NHAI is also in the process of inviting bids for 30 more sites by the end of August 2017, and for the remaining   sites by end of September 2017.
NHAI has called for private participation on franchise basis. Private land owners/ persons having minimum land area of more than 1 hectare abutting the national highways can join hands with NHAI under the brand name “HIGHWAY NEST” to develop  wayside amenities as a franchise of the authority.  The persons will  develop the facilities as per standard layouts and designs of NHAI . For this NHAI has developed three-customizable proto-types of these facilities. These are  Type-1 - comprehensive facility for passengers and heavy vehicle drivers;  Type-2 -facility targeting passengers only and Type-3 facility targeting truck drivers only.
The private entity will   be assisted in getting free access permission to the facility, assistance in land use conversion etc. along with co-branding, logo and signage, and will be  required to sign a service level agreement with NHAI.
Shri Gadkari called on individuals owning land along national highways to come forward and participate in the endeavour.  The Minister said that these wayside amenities would not only benefit the highway commuters, but also the local population. The sites will promote local handloom and handicrafts by having shops selling these items. Local cuisine can be made available at the eateries in these sites. Green plantations at the sites can be developed with the help of the local people. About 20 lakh people will get direct and indirect employment from these sites. All in all, the development of these sites will bring economic development to the villages along the highways.
Also speaking on the occasion Chairman NHAI Shri Deepak Kumar said that expression of interest from persons having land parcel more than 1 Ha. abutting national highways  for development of wayside amenities is being invited by NHAI on 04.08.2017 onwards with due date of receipt of the bids on 21.09.2017 in the office of the respective Regional Offices of NHAI.  The document is being uploaded on NHAI website; and e-tender portal; and the same can be downloaded by the interested applicants and may be submitted in the office of the concerned Regional Officer of NHAI of the concerned state by 20.09.2017.  However, any suggestions/ queries may be communicated by 30.08.2017 to the officials of NHAI . The pre-bid meeting with the interested applicants has been scheduled on 31.08.2017.
Secretary Road Transport and Highways Shri Y.S Malik said that the development of the wayside amenities would go a long way in making highway travel convenient for people. He said these wayside amenities will henceforth form an integral part of highways.


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