Friday, 5 May 2017

Supply Chain Transformation: Storage Innovations

India Integrated Transport & Logistics Summit

The lack of adequate and efficient warehousing and storage facilities is recognized as a major weakness of the logistics system in India. A panel of experts at the India Integrated Transport and logistics Summit deliberated on the issue of how to bring about supply chain transformations in the country.
Mr Nick Vyas  from the Centre for Global Supply Chain Management, USC Marshall, talked about multi-partner collaborative supply chain models in developed economies. He suggested that future supply chain requirements will depend on the increasing number of megacities and rising disposable incomes. He also stressed on the importance of aligning supply chains with evolving distribution channels on account of disruptive technologies like drones and AGVs.
Mr. Mike Mullin,Senior Director for Global Government Affairs, Brambles Limited, suggested the use of foldable and stackable direct packaging to increase packing efficiency in transportation and thereby reducing the final cost of product.  This will also lead to reduction of handling cost and carbon footprint. He also emphasized on the need of improvement of IT capabilities in developing nations.
Ms. Cecilia BriceƱo-Garmendia,Lead Economist, World Bank Transport and ICT, mentioned that logistic costs as a percentage of product cost is dependent on the maturity of product as well as the type of market. She suggested the need for government intervention via infrastructure development and policy formulation, to enhance profitability potential for private players.
The panel discussed the need for clustering of warehouses post GST implementation. The panel also talked about improving vehicle efficiency by implementing a relay system for truck drivers. The need of technology to have better tracking & tracing systems and improving the efficiency of logistics systems was also discussed. The panel suggested reduction in carbon footprint via local sourcing and stressed on the need to develop workforce skills in supply chain.


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