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Recruitment Results finalised by UPSC in March 2017

 The following Recruitment Results have been finalized by the Union Public Service Commission during the month of March, 2017. The recommended candidates have been informed individually by post.

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        NAME OF THE POST/                    NAME AND ROLL NO. OF
 NO.    OFFICE                               RECOMMENDED CANDIDATES

1.      Regional Controller of Mines,     1      Abhay Agrawal (01)
        Indian Bureau of Mines,           2      Prasad Kumar Bhattacharjee (94)
        Ministry of Mines                 3      Shailendra Kumar (135)
                                          4      Babulal Gurjar (166)
 2.     Assistant Professor (Hindi),      1      Ms. Pooja Vaishnav (746)
        Government Arts and Science       2      Rudra Pratap Singh (333)
        Colleges/ Kanchi Mamunivar        3      Mukesh Kumar Sharma (203)
        Centre for Post Graduate          4      Dhananjay Singh (587)
        Studies, Directorate of           5      Ms. Rekha Kurre (1160)
        Higher and Technical                  
        Education, Government of

   3.    Assistant Professor (Zoology),    1      Abhishek Buxi (01)
         Government Arts and Science       2      Aijaz Ahmad Wachkoo (06)
         Colleges/ Kanchi Mamunivar        3      Ms. Karthikeyani R. (271)
         Centre for Post Graduate          4      Muthu Kumar Subramanian (297)
         Studies, Directorate of Higher    5      Ngangbam Sarat Singh (448)
         and Technical Education,          6      Chandra Sekhararao Jammu (244)
         Government of Puducherry          7      Manish Sharma (96)

    4.   Scientist 'SB'(Non-Destructive),  1      V.R. Venkatesh (281)
         National Test House,      
         Department of Consumer Affairs,
         Ministry of Consumer Affairs,
         Food and Public Distribution
    5     Junior Scientific Officer,        1      Ankit Singla (36)
          National Centre of Organic        2      Ms. Monu Jariyal (1098)
          Farming, Department of            3      Ms. Ruchi (741)
          Agriculture, Cooperation and      4      Ms. Pooja Kannojia (966)
          Farmers Welfare, Ministry of      5      Manjunatha B.S. (1097)
          Agriculture and Farmers Welfare          None found suitable for one   
                                                   post reserved for
                                                   person with disability.

    6      Junior Works Manager (Civil),     1      Deepesh Gupta (2620)
           Ordnance Factory Board,           2      Abhishek Kumar Mishra (2789)
           Department of Defence             3      Balaji R. (1749)
           Production, Ministry of           4      Shah Hussain (795)
7.       Additional Assistant Director       1      Surendranath Amalakanti(110)       
         (Safety) (Electrical),              2      Gopinath B. (143)
         Directorate General Factory         3      Ashwani Kumar (13)
         Advice Service and Labour           4      Harikesh Meena (203)
         Institutes, Ministry of Labour
         and Employment                 
8.       Assistant Director (Fishing         1      Ramesha Shivananjaiah Seegepalya (14)
         Harbour), Department of Animal
         Husbandry, Dairying and      
         Fisheries, Ministry of       
         Agriculture and Farmers      

    9     Assistant Director (Capital       1      Alok Ranjan (25)
          Market), Serious Fraud            2      Mohit Balhara (145)
          Investigation Office,       
          Department of Corporate       
          Affairs, Ministry of Corporate

   10     Joint Director in the             1      Shubhankar Mishra (150)
          Directorate of Adult Education,
          Department of School Education      
          and Literacy, Ministry of     
          Human Resource  Development 
   11     Assistant Director General of     1      Sandeep Awasthi (277)
          Shipping in the Directorate  
          General of Shipping, Ministry
          of Shipping                  
   12     Specialist Grade-III Assistant    1      Dr. Ashish Kumar Duggal (04)
          Professor of Neurology,           2      Dr. Swapan Gupta (16)
          Ministry of Health and Family     3      Dr. Kamalesh Chakravarty(08)
          Welfare                           4      Dr.(Ms.) Sucharita Ray (13)
                                            5      Dr.(Ms.) Sujata (14)
                                            6      Dr. Ankur Wadhwa (02)
                                            7      Dr.(Ms.) Preeti Singla (10)
                                            8      Dr. Arun Koul (03)
                                              None found suitable for five
                                                 posts reserved for SC, two
                                             posts reserved for ST              
                                            and eight posts reserved for
                                                   Result of one unreserved post
                                                   will be declared later on.                                                                                                                                

  13    Assistant Legislative Counsel     1      S. Mahesh Babu (11)
         (Tamil), Official Languages  
         Wing, Legislative Department,
         Ministry of Law and Justice  
   14    Editor (Bharatiya Rail),          1      Yogesh Brijmohan Avasthi (35)
         Railway Board, Ministry of   
   15     Lecturer (Burmese) in the                None found suitable for one
          School of Foreign Languages,             post reserved for OBC.
          Ministry of Defence          


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