Friday, 15 March 2013

Implementation of ICDS Scheme

The Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) is a Centrally Sponsored flagship Scheme of the government. The scheme aims at holistic development of under-six children and providing nutritional and health support to pregnant and lactating mothers. Scheme provides for a package of six services viz. supplementary nutrition, immunization, referral services, health check-up, pre-school non formal education and health and nutrition education. Three of the six services namely Immunization, Health Check-up and Referral Services are delivered through Public Health system.

The concept of providing a package of services is based primarily on the consideration that the overall impact will be much larger if the different services develop in an integrated manner as the efficiency of a particular service depends upon the support it receives from related services. The services under the ICDS scheme are provided at the platform of Anganwadi Centre (AWC). The ICDS is a universal but self-selecting scheme and is open to all children below six years of age and Pregnant & Lactating Mothers, irrespective of their economic and social status.

The scheme is implemented through the States/UTs on a cost sharing basis in the ratio of 50:50 for supplementary nutrition (SNP) and 90:10 for other components except in the case of North Eastern States where the share of Central and State Government is in the ratio of 90:10 for all the components including SNP

The Scheme has been expanded in three phases in the years 2005-06, 2007-08 and 2008-09. The scheme today operates through a network of 7025 fully operational Projects and 13.31 lakh AWCs as on January, 2013 against the cumulative total of 7076 approved Projects and 14 lakh AWCs including Mini-AWCs and ‘Anganwadi on Demand’. The services are currently being provided to 9.28 crore beneficiaries of which 7.48 crore are children under six and 1.80 crore are P&L Mothers. 3.5 crore children of 3-6 years are provided pre-school education of which 1.80 crore are boys and 1.70 crore are girls.

Considering the rapid universalisation and gaps and challenges which have crept in the scheme over the years, the government has approved Strengthening and Restructuring of ICDS Scheme with an over-all budget allocation of Rs. 1,23,580 crore during 12th Five Year Plan.

The ICDS Scheme envisaged implementation of Projects through Voluntary Organizations, Local Bodies, Panchayati Raj Institutions, Social Welfare Board (where these are functioning efficiently) etc., with a view to derive community support. The States have been given the autonomy, within the overall framework of the ICDS Scheme to entrust projects to a voluntary organization including NGOs for which grants to them would be provided by the concerned State Government/UT Administration.

With a view to strengthen the ICDS scheme, it has been decided to assign management and operation of upto 10% projects to PRIs/NGOs/voluntary organizations under the restructured ICDS.

Against an allocation of Rs.10,391 crore during the 10th Five Year Plan, the government allocated Rs.44,400 crore for the ICDS scheme during the 11th Five Year Plan. Further, during the 12th Five Year Plan, a total approved allocation of Rs. 1,23,580 crore has been made for the scheme. Any additional requirement of funds under ICDS Scheme can be met through Supplementary Demands for Grants and savings.

In the existing monitoring mechanism, monthly & half yearly progress reports are prescribed at Anganwadi and Project level in States/UTs. In addition, Government has introduced 5-tier monitoring and review mechanism at National, State, District, Block and Anganwadi Levels for which guidelines were issued on 31.03.2011. Under these guidelines, the District and Block level Committees closely monitor inter-alia regularity of functioning of AWCs, monitoring and supervision visits to AWC by ICDS functionaries etc. and Anganwadi level Committee is required to review and take, as well as suggest action, to improve delivery of services at the AWC etc.

In order to ensure proper functioning of AWCs, under the strengthening and restructuring of ICDS revised Management Information System (MIS), Web based MIS and provision for use of ICT has been introduced.

This was stated by Smt. Krishna Tirath, Minister for Women and Child Development, in a written reply to the Lok Sabha on March 15, 2013.


Arasavilli students voluntary organisation said...

No body cannot supervise the functions of ICDS root level.The Government allots huge budget but it was not properly used by the Anganwadi centers... 70 percent of centers cannot supply proper nutritional food to the children..observe the status of nutritional percentage of children in that surrounding areas.we can clearly understand that above centers cannot supply proper food to children..but the records are showing that they give total supplements to the children what the government had supplied to that please take care for the poor children by supervising the Anganwadi centers at all levels..

SUBI PILOT said...

Hope the big figure of 1,23,580 crores will not get into the Corruption pockets.

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