Monday, 15 June 2015

INDIA/BHARAT 2015 Reference Annuals available as Easily Downloadable E-Books across the Globe

Good news for people across the globe looking for credible, authentic and updated information about India. The prestigious Reference Annuals INDIA & BHARAT 2015, are now available as easily downloadable e-books and are open for e-sales throughout the world The e-books are available for online sale on Google Play Store  across 80 countries including USA, UK, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Canada, Japan, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Bahrain, Hong Kong and Russia.

The Reference Annuals published by the Publications Division of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting provide credible and authentic information about India. The e-books of India/Bharat 2015 are selling very well in India, and have proved to be very popular among students and researchers who don’t have the time to wait for delivery of print books or stay in areas where the printed version of the books has limited reach.

Now, international availability of these books is poised to gain popularity among NRIs/PIOs, international scholars or anyone who desires credible information about India. The e-India/Bharat are easily and quickly downloadable worldwide in an instant, at a reasonable cost, avoiding delays of production, transportation, distribution and processing of payment.

These e-books conform to the best international standards technically and are a bona fide replication of the   print version of the books. The e-INDIA / e-BHARAT 2015 have a variety of reader-friendly features for better communication like hyperlinks, highlighting, book marking and interactivity, besides being easy to share on social media. The books offer reader friendly features like searchable content, referencing, good readability, assured back up and retrieval. 


Vrajendra Vyas said...

A must for every school . Thankyou.

Sathyaias Academy said...

I really like your way of expressing the opinions and sharing the information.
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